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Admission essays are gateways for your future life and career. While writing an admission essay you should keep the following tips in your mind.

1) Admission essay should be concise
2) You should be honest, while writing an Admission Essay
3) You should portray yourself as an individual. This means how you distinguish yourself from those thousands of others applying for the course in the particular college
4) You should be coherent while writing an admission essay. You should write things which seems to be original and never exaggerate things
5) Your admission essay should be accurate
6) You should be vivid while drafting an admission essay as using the names of other people (like your siblings, teachers etc.) which makes the essay more personalised and humane
7) Your essay should portray your social nature
8) If you are using humour in your admission essay, be careful with your wordings
9) The essay should be a true portrayal of yourself as the colleges are even looking for novel ideas
10) Your admission essay should portray your smartness. This gives a positive impression about you to the college consists of experienced admission essay writers in Dubai who take an extra care while drafting your admission essay. provides premium admission essay writing service in UAE. To know more about us call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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