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Guide to Different Writing Projects

Throughout the academic and professional years, writing skills are used to communicate, build arguments, document evidence, and present ideas. Whether, you are a student, teacher, doctor, marketing ex...

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Five Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Essay writing is a skill that students practice throughout their academic years. Whether it is a class assignment, application for a scholarship, or preparation for standardized tests, you either need...

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Tips to Write a Comprehensive Essay

Do you have an essay deadline approaching fast? We understand essay writing is a serious task that must be handled diligently. Many people seek the help of professional argumentative essay writing ser...

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Writing can be time-consuming especially when you have to submit your CIPD assignment for assessment. There are many reasons why most people see writing as a daunting task but with the right tools and...

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CIPD Exams Tips

First and foremost, to take on any exams with confidence, you must do a thorough study. Read all the topics in the curriculum without falling under the assumptions that some of the topics do not hold...

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Literature Review

A literature review is a presentation of the ideas you would like to reflect your readers. It offers the audience an insight into the theories and current literature regarding your topic.In your liter...

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Complete guide for dissertation writing

Dissertation writing is not a simple task, to complete a dissertation requires full dedication with hard work. None of the shortcuts and smart work helps to complete this taskBefore beginning to write...

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Thesis proposal detects a research problem, provides a basic view of the existing research on the problem, detects required resources along with setting down the agenda for the research and writing pr...

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Admission essays are gateways for your future life and career. While writing an admission essay you should keep the following tips in your mind.1) Admission essay should be concise2) You shou...

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Uses of SPSS in research papers

SPSS is known as a collection of quantitative analysis software that is popular with researchers. With the help of SPSS, we can manage data and statistical analysis tasks. SPSS also helps to manage da...

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The purposes of Literature Review

pastingThe purpose of the literature review is to depict that you have read and has a good knowledge on the main published works pertaining to the selected topic / question in the selected field.&nbs...

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What is Harvard Referencing Style?

Harvard referencing style is considered as one of the most used and often chosen referencing style by students and universities to cite information in their academic papers, assignments, theses, disse...

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Dissertation and its benefits

 Dissertations are important research documents which must be written in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the concerned university or educational institution. The dissertation project ...

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Points to Remember while doing a Thesis

A thesis or a research report deals with a single problem or a series of problems pertaining to the area of the research. A thesis is considered as an original contribution and it should be novel to h...

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