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Points to Remember while doing a Thesis

A thesis or a research report deals with a single problem or a series of problems pertaining to the area of the research. A thesis is considered as an original contribution and it should be novel to human knowledge by discovering something new .Therefore the thesis it should be well written so to make it accepted and valued high among the academic circle.
A researcher should be an expert in his expert. The examiners who evaluate the thesis may not have expert knowledge in the particular field but he/she will have expert knowledge in the general area. In future, a published thesis can be used as a scientific report and can be used as a reference for future research in the particular field. The thesis should be saved in pdf format which makes it easy for storing the data. A researcher should always keep this in mind while doing the research.
A thesis should contain more details than a scientific paper and should explain clearly regarding the information the researcher have contributed as well as the information you have taken from the references. Good referencing makes it easy for the readers to understand regarding the information the researcher has contributed and the information who has taken inspiration from. The researcher is not advised to leave out any reference as it is considered as downright deception.
The researcher needs to be careful while using the passive voice while writing the thesis. Formal language adhering to correct grammar should be used in framing the thesis. The text should be clear and the sentences and phrases used in the thesis should not be too long.The thesis should comprise only short and precise sentences as it makes the thesis easily understandable. 
It is advised to use complex sentences only when the researcher wants to convey complicated ideas. Adding too many subordinate clauses makes the thesis complex and less understandable. Accuracy should be the prime focus of the researcher. Addition of technical terminology is also mandatory. Bullet points and numbered points are not good choice for thesis writing.

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