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How Referencing becomes a vital part in Dissertation

Referencing is a vital part in framing a dissertation. It is important for the researcher to state the resources which he has taken the inspiration/ idea / information from. Failure of proper referencing gives an impression to the reader that the researcher might have copied the information from someone else’s work. Lack of proper referencing is a serious offence while framing a dissertation. This might even create a negative impact in the minds of the reader and will in turn termed as plagiarism.
Plagiarism also accounts to rewording someone else’s ideas in your dissertation without giving proper credit to the original work. Plagiarism creates catastrophic effects on the grading style of student’s assignments and dissertation. If the professor finds plagiarism in the given dissertation/ assignment, the student might get degraded for his poor quality work which will create a negative impact on the student’s grade.
When the researcher/ student is putting the references accurately, the professor gets an impression that the researcher might have a vast knowledge on the particular topic. Proper referencing helps to support the researcher’s hypothesis with the comments given by expert authors/researchers in acclaimed research journals, books, websites etc. This adds to the credibility of the research and will help in improving the grades of the researcher.
By adding references in a professional way, the professor can follow up with the researcher’s references and can even check the authenticity of the arguments put forth by the researcher in the dissertation.  

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