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Literature Review

A literature review is a presentation of the ideas you would like to reflect your readers. It offers the audience an insight into the theories and current literature regarding your topic.

In your literature review, it is important to:

· Use the opinions of experts and showcase your own findings, agreements, and disagreements with the pointers they have already given.

· Highlight the contribution your research would make in a particular industry whilst attributing researchers who have already conducted similar studies.

Since your research may be used as a part of future researches, it is crucial that your paper is relevant, reliable and credible. In order to do so, ensure the following:

Utilize sources that are most significant in your argument.
Align with audience interests and requirements, the genre of your documentation as well as the academic benchmarks of your line of study.
Include specific jargons to show your findings in an objective, unbiased and comprehensive manner.
Use references and citations in accordance with your discipline. Make sure that every source you cite adds facts to your paper and helps you reach your argument.

Lastly, it is important to keep your readers at the forefront of your paper. This is where a good literature review comes into play. You use the articles you have researched upon to help guide the audience into understanding why the particular subject should matter to them.

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