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What are the types of data used in research?

Data Analysis is considered to be the most vital part in any research. There are two basic types of data used during a research process. The type of data determines the mode of analysis used in the research.
The two types of data analysis are as follows:

1) Primary data- Primary data is the data that can be collected first handedly. This type of data had not been published anywhere before. The researcher has a direct contact which this type of data and hence it is more authentic, realistic as well as objective. The validity of primary data is also greater than the secondary data.

2) Secondary data- Secondary data is the data that has been already published and has been collected from a known source. Secondary data may or may not have issues with the validity but it is also considered as a vital part in research process. Secondary data collection is much easier than primary data collection. provides most chosen data collection help in Dubai.

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