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Complete guide for dissertation writing

Dissertation writing is not a simple task, to complete a dissertation requires full dedication with hard work. None of the shortcuts and smart work helps to complete this task
Before beginning to write a dissertation, there are few tips that needs to be taken care to prepare a successful dissertation at the end.
Topic selection
Topic selection should be done carefully, topic must be connected to your knowledge, interest, understanding and base on recent situation
After Topic selection you have to prepare your source of information. You will have to search journals, libraries, magazines, texts, speak to seniors or may be experienced people about it and follow newspapers. You may also pursue the guidance of a professional writer.
Structure of your Dissertation
Next step after topic selection.
Brief overview of your dissertation around 100 words.
Table of content will specify chapters/topics followed by page.
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: People’s Opinions
Part 3: Methodology
Part 4: Research
Part 5: Talks, talks and talks
Part 6: The Finale
List of the all references used to complete the dissertation in alphabetical order. This can include online sources, articles, e-books and books.
List of other sources of your design and research process while preparing the dissertation. It covers studying tables and graphs, live interviews, online videos, questionnaires, or consultations through teleconferences.

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